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Is the launcher (side dock) found in Unity available as a stand-alone package that can be added to other desktops? (like xfce)

If so, what's the package name? and is it available for 10.04 or only 10.10?

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Unity is available for 10.10, you just need to install the ubuntu-netbook package

Unity is also available for 10.04 through the PPA named canonical-dx-team/+archive/une

In both cases this will add a new "Netbook edition" option in the login screen. I don't think the dock is available as a stand-alone package.

More information and detailled installation instructions can be found on the wiki :

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Please note that Unity's PPA pulls some system library updates which are required for the Unity dock. – João Pinto Aug 6 '10 at 20:21

The 2D Unity project comes with unity-2d-launcher which can serve as a stand-alone unity launcher


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You could use the Unite theme for dockbarx that is intended to replicate Unity. Dockbarx is available in a PPA although you will have to install the theme seperately.

Unite theme for dockbarx

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