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I have a 10.04 desktop machine that I use as a NAS. I have 3 shares on that box which I've been attaching to via mounting at startup in my fstab. I don't like the fact that have my user name and password right out in the open in my fstab. Here's how I'm doing this today..

//                               /media/NAS-Data   smbfs     username=my-name,password=my-password@  0  0  

BTW, am no necessarily married to smbfs, but do want a way to have the credentials cached/saved so I don't have to enter them at startup (if doable)...

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For a samba/CIFS share, you can use a credentials file storing your username/password like this (domain is optional) :


Protected with rights with a chmod 600 (only readable by root)

And in your fstab :

//     /media/NAS-Data   smbfs     credentials=/path/to/your/credential_file  0  0  
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This worked great. I did find that you have to provide the full path to the credentials file. A relative path didn't work. – Der Wolf Oct 6 '15 at 12:43
@DerWolf : relative paths are often root of evil behaviour ;) . BTW, relative path in your fstab would be complicated to manage; how can you be sure you launch the mount command at the same place everytime ? O:) – Cédric Julien Oct 6 '15 at 12:49

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