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I had two partitions in NTFS and one in ext4 (Ubuntu 12.04 installed one week ago), something gone wrong and the OS couln'd start. I tried to reinstall a new version and by mistake choosed the option to install the system on the previous, he erased all the data I had (NTFS and ext4), I wanted to format only the ext4 partition. On the NTFS partitions I had very important data. How can I recover it? What applications should I use?

Thank you in advance.

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An application that I have personally found useful is testdisk. You can install it with

sudo apt-get install testdisk

It is a command line utility, but very powerful.

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Thanks, I installed and scanning with it, 20% and found one partition, i'm really happy :P waiting for another partition – micnic May 3 '12 at 12:24
This must be run on a live CD/DVD/USB, not on the OS that has overwritten the valuable data. Installing more software in a partition that exists over the lost data will make it much harder (or totally impossible) to recover the data. – Eliah Kagan Jan 22 '13 at 6:45

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