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trying to undelete some files using ntfsundelete:

sudo ntfsundelete /dev/sda1 -v -S 300m-20g -p 100 -o /mnt/bigboy/ntfsundelete/

but I am getting:

You must specify exactly one device.

as far as I can see, I am specifying the device I want to restore files from, and the location of the files.

What am I getting wrong?

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Take a look at this, I would have commented but I don't have the privilege level. – Garrett Fogerlie Jun 19 '12 at 5:28
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It seems like the syntax needs to be ntfsundelete [options] device. So your example should look like this:

sudo ntfsundelete -v -S 300m-20g -p 100 -o /mnt/bigboy/ntfsundelete/ /dev/sda1

This worked for me, although I didn't specify the output -o. I just let it dump the data to the directory I was currently in.

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