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I was wondering if there is a Application where you can organize networks. I mean if you have installed some networks you have to note every pc's name, his ip-address and so on.

Is there a Application where you can manage it?

I saw the monitoring tools but that is not exactly what I'm looking for. Maybe I didnt explain me well, after all my englis his not so good :)

For example if I install many different networks I write in a book how I configured them. I write pc-name ip-address ip-gateway ip-broadcast and so on for each network.

It will be great if I can do it in a program to organize it well, and for example it gives me a node view of the network.

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You can use a network monitoring tool that comes together with an „inventory” feature.

I am using Zabbix for monitoring all computers from a network and in Zabbix you can create a profile for each computer when you can add the mac address and various other information. Maybe Zabbix is a bit to much for your needs.

You can also try GLPI Project ... I am not sure it is is also to complex for your needs or look at this project

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Ok I'l check them. I'm not only searching a tool for my own network, I mean I want to note networks i'm the manager so that I can organize them and I can know in a simple way characteristics without seeing in the pc. – vicmp3 Nov 13 '10 at 14:22
To know the 'inside' of a compter without opening it you can try using lshw - It also has a GUI – Adi Roiban Nov 13 '10 at 14:52

It sounds like you need an IPAM application along the lines of Infoblox. The only free (GPL) alternative I could find is this tool, called IPplan.

It allows for a spreadsheet-like view of a subnet, listing nodes automatically (and querying via SNMP if desired) and allows for individual nodes to be edited for additional information.

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