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This is the sequence that leads to xrandr going missing:

  1. Installed 12.04 on a system with a motherboard using the Intel G45 chipset and the E8400 Core 2 Duo and AMD Radeon HD 5450 video card.
  2. Installed fglrx when ubuntu prompted via Additional Drivers.
  3. Ran Catalyst (Administrative) to select multi-desktop and rebooted.
  4. Ran Catalyst (Administrative) to select Xinerama and rebooted.
  5. Answer yes to about 3 prompts that request to send bug reports to ubuntu.

At this point Settings > Appearances no longer offers the widget that allows you to resize the Unity Launcher icons. Also Settings > Displays says randr extension is not present.

BTW: This same sequence is repeatable, including the issues with the missing icon resizer and xrandr, so there is clearly bug fixing potential here.

How can I get xrandr reinstalled without un-installing a large set of dependencies? I realize that if I un-install xrandr I will have the chance to re-install but the number of dependencies is large and so an un-install will cause many systems to be un-installed and I am afraid that will ruin Ubuntu 12.04. Hence, I'm looking for a more direct fix. I thought rebooting the .ISO disk and reinstalling would be a good fix but obviously not since this problem is repeatable.

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Xinerama and xrandr are mutually exclusive. You get one or the other not both.

Xinerama is considered depracated. You should avoid it whenever possible.

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Although the first answer is entirely correct, i might add that you can resolve the situation by deleting (or moving, if you want to keep your settings) /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

After that, you either reboot or reload the appropriate kernel modules, and then you can use xrandr again.

Keep in mind that you are not using the ati-drivers anymore, so 3D-Acceleration may not be optimal.

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