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Is there a linux alternative to the Windows application DVD-Shrink, that can compress a DVD image to a smaller size to fit on a writeable DVD?

In backing up some DVD's the ripped ISO file size is over 7000MB is there an alternative linux software, similar to Windows "DVD Shrink" that can compress this to fit on a writeable DVD which is about 4000MB

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The best one out there is k9copy but I've been having issues with it in 12.10 64bit, a good alternative is dvd95 and there's another app called xdvdshrink found here though xdvdshrink's subtitle ripping capabilities seem broken.

Another option for you would be to run dvdshrink through wine, I have been able to do this rather easily, the only thing extra needed is to list your cdrom in your fstab file and then also add the drive in winecfg as well.

Start by running this command:

sudo mkdir -v /media/cdrom

This will make the directory where your cdrom will be mounted. Then run this command to open fstab with gedit as root.

gksudo gedit /etc/fstab

Here's the fstab line needed to mount the cdrom, simply copy and paste it to the end of your fstab file:

# built in CDrom
/dev/sr0    /media/cdrom    auto    ro,noauto,user,exec 0 0

Run this command:

sudo mount -a

Then run:


Here's a picture of where to add drives in winecfg just click the drives tab, then the autodetect button. Then apply, and OK.

winecfg, drives tab

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The 2 best tools I know of that work are dvd95 and k9copy.
sudo apt-get install dvd95 or sudo apt-get install k9copy
installing k9copy on a non-kde system will pull down a lot of dependencies, which may or may not be an issue with you.

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Or a similar application like dvd shrink will be acid rip . It does the same work than dvd shrink but for linux: http://linuxappfinder.com/package/acidrip


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