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Hey i would love to get into 3D modeling and design and i was wondering if their were any alternatives to 3DS Max and other such programs for Ubuntu

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Blender install blender


Blender is the best free and open source 3D modelling program out there by a long shot!

The program is under constant development, has a huge community and has been used in many major films for video editing and 3D concepts. As Said before blender has new builds being uploaded hourly at and you can download all the official stable, aplha and beta versions of the program at

The community is friendly and welcoming and you can fit right in at sites suchs as, blendernation and blenderguru (great website for tutorials. I myself have been using the program for about six years now, and have used it for both personal and commercial projects: These can be seen at (

To see the quality of what can be produced using blender, watch Elephants Dream, Big Buck Bunny and Sintel. All were created using blender, and other free software on Ubuntu.

The program has a brilliant set of tools, and the development team are constantly making improvements on the software to keep it cutting edge and competitive. This is a very, very short summary of this awesome program but check out it in more detail in the above links :)

Happy blendering!:)

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thanks man by the way the stuff at looks amazing and its really helpful! – Quandite Nov 13 '10 at 11:25 is nice too – RobotHumans Nov 13 '10 at 12:44
I highly recommend trying out the 2.5 version (still in beta though). Historically Blender has been criticised for it's very difficult user interface - and that's been changed in the 2.5 version. So if you're going to put any effort into learning Blender, spend that energy on the new User Interface paradigm. – finley Nov 18 '10 at 14:49

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