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I am really liking the power of Dolphin and all the KDE tools that go along with using it what can I do to connect via FTP/SFTP with Dolphin?

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On the left hand side of the Dolphin window, click Network. There will be a item for adding a network location like ftp or scp. Dolphin is a great file manager...

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thanks that helped – Goddard May 5 '12 at 22:57
I'm using Kubuntu 16.04 with Dolphin and from there I can't login to my Ubuntu laptop. But, I can open a terminal and SSH to it without a problem. From Dolphin under Network, I see my Laptop name, yet Dolphin won't offer to let me login to it when I either <RightCLICK> or <LeftClick> on the laptop. I don't see any way at all to transfer files or SFTP using Dolphin. What am i doing wrong? – user12711 May 20 at 18:13

SFTP in Dolphin is implemented as fish

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I tried that using Dolphin equipped with Kubuntu 16.04 and it doesn't work, but I can still open a terminal and SSH to the laptop I'm trying to connect to. I don't see any way at all to transfer files across either a local or remote network using Dolphin. Am I doing something wrong, or do I need to use Midnight Commander or Krusader instead of Dolphin? – user12711 May 20 at 18:16

If you just want a quick connection, you can click the navigation breadcrumbs on above the file list (or Ctrl+L) and type directly:

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I tried this using Dolphin on Kubuntu 16.04 and got a Protocol Error. I'm sure what you wrote is correct, but somehow I must have introduced a syntax error or something else. BUT THEN I tried typing just this: SFTP:{username}@{domain} and BINGO -- It worked!! (a dialog box pops up asking for the password) I wonder what it was I was typing wrong on the first attempts?? – user12711 May 20 at 18:34

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