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This question may be subjective but I am having problems selecting GTK3 Themes using My Unity.


Some GTK3 Theme installation instructions ask you place the extracted theme folder in ~/.Themes (hidden in your home folder) and here is where the problem starts (for My Unity). I have to use Advanced Settings (Gnome Tweak tool) to select themes from the home folder to get the theme working correctly.

When I review the selected Theme in My Unity it places a big red X beside the selected theme name. Themes installed in ~/.Themes DO NOT work correctly when selected in My Unity

I resolved this by ignoring GTK3 installation instructions and copying the same theme folders to usr/share/themes using Sudo Nautilus. These themes work perfectly now when selected in My Unity. Does anyone know why this behavior happens in My Unity (when themes are placed in ~/.Themes, and can it be fixed. This is not machine specific as it happens on my daughters laptop as well.

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shouldn't it be ~/.themes and not ~/.Themes since things are case-sensitive? – user25656 May 2 '12 at 4:37
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Firstly, you didn't say which user interface you use in Ubuntu: Gnome Shell with GNOME 3 or Unity. I'd say that MyUnity is supposed to be used with Unity, not the Gnome Shell. On the other hand, the Advanced Settings (Gnome Tweak Tool) is supposed to work with Gnome Shell.

In Forums I've read that GTK3 themes should work well both with Unity and Gnome Shell. A theme package can be extracted to ~/.themes directory, which means that it is accessible only by the current user, or to /usr/share/themes (you need admin rights for that), which is accessible by all users, but in both cases a theme should work the same.

The red X beside the theme name in MyUnity simply means that you can delete the theme (place the mouse pointer above the X to see a hint). It appears for themes installed in ~/.themes directory.

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