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Possible Duplicate:
How can I install software or packages without internet (offline)?

I am about to format my computer and install Ubuntu. This particular computer is the local server that provides internet to all machines in our network. I will be installing Ubuntu 12.04 Server Edition. However, for my internet to work I need a particular package, which is not included in the regular list of packages that are included in the installation. This is the Madwimax package.

After I install Ubuntu, what is the proper way to install Madwimax, without some manual install (i.e. using apt-get, but without having internet)? Currently I still have internet so I can go and download certain packages, but I'm just not sure what and how.

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There are actually several options. I believe one of these should work for you:

AptGet/Offline from

AptMedium from

apt-offline from

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You could use Keryx -

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You can download the .deb file, copy it to usb stick (or something like that) and after the setup is done just install it via "sudo dpkg -i xxx".

For that to work you need all dependencies though!

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