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I have sql files "separated" like this:

> tree sql
├── adresse_trigger_update_before.sql
├── attribut_trigger_update_before.sql
├── categorie_trigger_update_before.sql
├── duplicate_records.sql
├── horaire_trigger_update_before.sql
├── partenaire_trigger_update_before.sql
├── personne_trigger_update_before.sql
└── produit_trigger_update_before.sql

0 directories, 8 files

Here are all my tries:

>mysql mydatabase -e "source sql/file1.sql"
>mysql mydatabase -e "source sql/*"
>ERROR at line 1: Failed to open file 'sql/*', error: 2
>cat sql/* > mysql mydatabase
>cat : option invalid -- 'p'
>mysql mydatabase -e "source sql/*"
>bash: sql/* : ambiguous redirect

How to load many files at once in MySQL?

Nota: there's only one problem I'm facing: load all the files in the "sql" folder at once. No other problem (I've removed user and password to be more precise about the actual problem).

Any idea how to do this?

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Here's my solution:

find sql/ -type f | awk '{system("mysql -u root -pXXX -h localhost mydatabase < "$0)}'
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You should use "source code"/* instead.

For the password issue , try quote it , e.g mysql -u XX -p "XX"

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Hi, I have no password issue. I may not be clear enough, I've updated my question. I hope this is clearer now. – Olivier Pons May 1 '12 at 9:29

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