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how to install xp along side of Ubuntu 11.10? I'm not sure of how to take backup of GRUB. I want to restore the menu after installing xp to restore my ubuntu. any ideas are appreciated.

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install xp on different partition and then restore grub using… – Amey Jah May 1 '12 at 6:43

Install xp in a different partition and then boot with live cd/usb.

Use boot-repair to reinstall grub. Enjoy :)

How to install and use boot-repair :

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Install XP anywhere you want. Start computer from Ubuntu USB or CD. Do following instructions:

  1. sudo fdisk -l will list you partitions enter image description here
  2. Mount your linux partition to a temp directory with sudo mount /dev/sd** /mnt (replace ** with your partition)
  3. reinstal grub with sudo grub-install –root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda
  4. Update grub list with sudo update-grub
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