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I just upgraded to 12.04 and it's had a very strange effect on the way Chinese text displays on my system. In both Chrome and gedit, text that would have displayed normally in 11.10 seems to be rendered in a combination of two fonts: one "normal" font and one that seems lighter and italicized. It's very annoying and difficult to read; any idea what could have caused this? I made no changes to my system besides upgrading to Precise Pangolin.

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Could be a bad default if trying to render glyphs as Japanese before falling back to a Chinese font, or something similar. – erjiang May 1 '12 at 14:24
ah, that makes sense. any idea how to change it back to a Chinese default? – sbrother May 2 '12 at 15:22
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You can look at what fonts are available for a certain language (such as Chinese "zh") by running fc-list :lang=zh.

Try first installing any other Chinese fonts that you might want and then manually rebuild the font cache by running fc-cache -f.

You can manually set the order of fonts by editing your ~/.fonts.conf. Here is one example I found from the Ubuntu forums for prioritizing Japanese:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <family>DejaVu Serif</family>
 <family>Times New Roman</family>
 <family>MS 明朝</family>
 <family>Sazanami Mincho</family>
 <family>Kochi Mincho</family>
 <family>Bitstream Vera Serif</family>
 <family>Thorndale AMT</family>
 <family>Luxi Serif</family>
 <family>Nimbus Roman No9 L</family>
 <family>Frank Ruehl</family>
 <family>MgOpen Canonica</family>
 <family>AR PL SungtiL GB</family>
 <family>AR PL Mingti2L Big5</family>
 <family>Baekmuk Batang</family>
 <family>DejaVu Sans</family>
 <family>MS ゴシック</family>
 <family>Sazanami Gothic</family>
 <family>Kochi Gothic</family>
 <family>Bitstream Vera Sans</family>
 <family>Albany AMT</family>
 <family>Luxi Sans</family>
 <family>Nimbus Sans L</family>
 <family>MgOpen Moderna</family>
 <family>AR PL KaitiM GB</family>
 <family>AR PL KaitiM Big5</family>
 <family>Baekmuk Dotum</family>
 <family>DejaVu Sans Mono</family>
 <family>Courier New</family>
 <family>MS ゴシック</family>
 <family>Sazanami Gothic</family>
 <family>Kochi Gothic</family>
 <family>Bitstream Vera Sans Mono</family>
 <family>Andale Mono</family>
 <family>Cumberland AMT</family>
 <family>Luxi Mono</family>
 <family>Nimbus Mono L</family>
 <family>Miriam Mono</family>
 <family>AR PL KaitiM GB</family>
 <family>Baekmuk Dotum</family>
 <match target="font" >
 <edit mode="assign" name="embeddedbitmap" >

Note that I haven't actually tried this yet.

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