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Got a question related to programming. I was planning to choose one more language, besides Java, and stuck between choosing C or C++. I am planning to create apps specifically for Ubuntu with GUI (Graphical User Interface) like (Wine, bumblebee and etc) so what is your recommendation? Which one should I learn C or C++? If you can, please also explain what language is orientated on what? Thank you very much I appreciate your answers!

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it is esyer to create GUI using java and not c++ nor c – geoh May 13 '12 at 15:17
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My answer will tell you that c++ is just a newer version of c.

C++ is meant to be backwards compatible with C, so you can write c code in your c++. If you are familiar with java, c++ is closer to that than c. Plus I would recommend c++ anyway.

These are just general differences between the languages though. your ability to create gui programs similar to the ones you have mentioned (neither of which i have used before) will have a lot more to do with the libraries / api for the window manager you chose than the language itself.

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It depends which GUI do you want to use:

  • GTK+ (GNOME, MATE, Xfce, LXDE, ROX) and FLTK (Enlightenment) are written in C.
  • Qt (KDE and LXQt) is written in C++.
  • GNUstep (Étoilé) is written in Objective C.

(Source: Comparison of X Window System desktop environments)

  • Wine is written in C, of course.

(Source: Wine (software))


  • C is lower-level language, it is simpler, you can do practically anything in it, but you must code more - e.g. doing checking by yourself. You think in hardware language.
  • C++ is objective, it has larger standard library, you can utilise inheritance etc., so you write less code, but you cannot be such detailed how exactly thing will be done. You think abstractly in objects.

But in C++ you can use C. (And in C you cannot use C++.)

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