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Got a question related to programming. I was planning to choose one more language, besides Java, and stuck between choosing C or C++. I am planning to create apps specifically for Ubuntu with GUI (Graphical User Interface) like (Wine, bumblebee and etc) so what is your recommendation? Which one should I learn C or C++? If you can, please also explain what language is orientated on what? Thank you very much I appreciate your answers!

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it is esyer to create GUI using java and not c++ nor c –  geoh May 13 '12 at 15:17

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My answer will tell you that c++ is just a newer version of c.

C++ is meant to be backwards compatible with C, so you can write c code in your c++. If you are familiar with java, c++ is closer to that than c. Plus I would recommend c++ anyway.

These are just general differences between the languages though. your ability to create gui programs similar to the ones you have mentioned (neither of which i have used before) will have a lot more to do with the libraries / api for the window manager you chose than the language itself.

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