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Possible Duplicate:
XAMPP vs. Native LAMP Packages

Looked around for alternatives to WAMP, there seem to be two: lamp-server and XAMPP.

What's the difference between them? Anything in particular to consider before picking one over the other?


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@hhlp: thank you, for some reason search didn't reveal this for me. – dalbaeb Apr 30 '12 at 17:41

personally I would install phpmyadmin, that will bring in apache and mysql and set it all up for you and give you a nice way to browse the mysql database. You can then put stuff in /var/www/ and it will just work. Look at http://localhost for your stuff and http://localhost/phpmyadmin for the database console. Do remove or secure phpmyadmin if you are putting this on the internet.

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That's why I figured it would be better to just go with XAMPP because it has phpmyadmin bundled with it. – dalbaeb Apr 30 '12 at 17:42

LAMP is the most famous solution. Apache is present under 65% of web servers. This is also the easiest and the most documented but not the most efficient. Nginx and Lighttpd are good alternatives.

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