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I'm trying to use Ubuntu Backup (ie. DejaDup) with Owncloud. I have an account with Owncube and made a folder in my root called 'backup-computer1' where I want my backups to go.

Under Settings in Owncloud, it says

WebDAV: https://owncube.com/files/webdav.php

Then I went to Ubuntu settings, Backup, the Storage tab, and selected WebDAV from the dropdown list, and entered the following settings:

  • Server: owncube.com/files/webdav.php
  • tick "Use secure connection (HTTPS)"
  • Port: 443
  • Folder: /backup-computer1
  • Username: myowncubeusername

but it keeps telling me it can't find the hostname. When I entered the full webdav address (https://owncube.com/files/webdav.php) it just removed it from the form. What am I doing wrong?

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I figured it out :-)

These are the correct settings:

  • Server: owncube.com
  • tick "Use secure connection (HTTPS)"
  • Port: 443
  • Folder: /files/webdav.php/backup-computer1
  • Username: myowncubeusername

I guess the dejadup form isn't smart enough to parse the "long" server address, so the rest has to be part of the "folder" field.

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For Owncloud 6 & 7 the above path did not work, the folder needs to be:

/<owncloud prefix>/remote.php/files/<backup folder>
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