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Whenever I insert a blank DVD or CD to burn files to it using Brasero Disk Burner, the process goes very well until the burning is complete. After that, I am confronted with a error message:

Please eject the disk from "Slimtype DVD A DS8A5S" manually. The disk could not be ejected though it needs to be removed for the current operation to continue.

When I eject the disk, it shows the burning is complete, but the next time I insert the disk, it cannot be read. It is neither read by Ubuntu or by Windows OS. If I try to create bootable DVDs, the computer cannot boot from the DVD.

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Probably a cdrkit / wodim / genisoimage problem. Those types of problems have occurred for years since they replaced cdrtools / cdrecord / mkisofs with it. – Perspectoff Jun 12 '12 at 11:51

I to have run into this problem. After MUCH searching I've found this.

Ubuntu bug tracker

After reading this, I was able to burn a disk without the 'on the fly' option. burned a cd of pictures (which was when I noticed the problem) at 36x and it worked fine when done.

Its high priority and someone is working on it. It seems to effect cds, dvds, and bluray.

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Have you tried reducing the "Burning speed" in Brasero using the drop down menu when you initiate the burn process? I have experienced problems when burning disks at maximum speed and these issues have been resolved when I set Brasero to burn at the lowest available speed (which is still fairly quick).

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Yes, I always burn discs using minimum burning speeds. I did not have this problem in Ubuntu 11.04. But I started facing this problem when I upgraded to 11.10. – sajib.acharya May 1 '12 at 19:48

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