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I created ad hoc network in network manager. and set static ip address. When i am going to connect with other pc, its not connecting with that.

i followed this link enter link description here

    1. Right-mouse click the NetworkManager icon (top right)

    2. Select "Edit Connections"

    3. Click the "Wireless" tab

    4. Click "Add" to edit a new wireless connection

    5. On the wireless dialogue give the connection a name, e.g "Mochudi".


    SSID: "Mochudi". The SSID will appear on the NetworkManager of your other Peers

    • Mode: Ad Hoc *

      BSSID: leave blank *

      MAC Address: leave blank *

      MTU: leave as automatic

      1. Click "Apply"

      2. Click "Close"

If fixed IP addresses are required edit the IPv4 Settings Tab before closing NetworkManager above: above then...

6a. Click "IPv4 Settings Tab"

* Select Method "Manual"
* Under Addresses click Add
* Type your Address:
* Type the Netmask:

  Gateway: leave blank or 

6b. Click "Apply"

  1. Click "Close"
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in wpa_supplicant.conf file....


Can connect with non protected ad-hoc network using wpa_supplicant.

using this command....

wpa_supplicant -D **driver name** - i **interface name** -c **configuration file path** -dd


wpa_supplicant -Dwext - iwlan0 -c /home/xyz/Desktop/wpa_supplicant.conf  -dd  
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if you are connecting windows pc's to the ubuntu ad-hoc network, if you set the ip address to 169.254.x.x and sub net mask to the the pc windows machine will automatically connect to the ad-hoc netework. otherwise you have to setup all the individual pc's with their own static IP's.

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i am using ubuntu as a pc to connect and using wpa_supplicant for establish the connection. But its not happaning... any help – newbie1234 Apr 30 '12 at 12:53

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