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I'm planning to buy Terratec T1 TV tuner and i'd like to know if it works on ubuntu "out-of-the-box" meaning that there is no need to recompile kernel or doing advanced installatons. Has any1 tested it ?

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I doubt it works out of the box, though I've not tested it.

It looks like you'll need to download the drivers from here

From the readme.txt file within the above download, there are some caveats:

8.  Known problems & limitations

    a.CPU architecture:

        Currently only x86 architecture is supported.  

    b.USB support:

        Currently only USB2.0 is supported.

    c.Device VID/PID:

        0x048D/0x9005; 0x048D/0x9006.

    d.IR is supported and IRTable is named "af35irtbl.bin".

    e.Officially supported distributions:

        Linux Kernel - kernel 2.6.10 upward.
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