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I have HP ProBook 4530s. In Windows 7 after installing all HP drivers the 6-Cell battery works perfectly for 2+ hours but in Ubuntu 11.10 and now in 12.04 the battery time is not sufficient. It works hardly for 1 or 1.5 hours only. I have installed ATI's Linux Driver for the RADEON card.

I have noticed that in Windows only 4 processor core are active most of the time and remaining are put in off-line mode until required. However in Ubuntu all 8 processors cores remain active.

Powertop shows a battery discharge of 25 W up to 28 W.

How can I tune-up the power management especially make unnecessary active processor off-line?

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I've suggested this before in other posts cpu indicator --- --- I use this. I had similar issue with only getting two hours, but this extended it an hour on 11.10. Then with 12.04 jumped to 5 hrs. I think it works great but for some it doesn't work.


This is a powertop link --- --- you can stop different softwares from waking up you computer's cpu, when it is idling. forget the italicized.

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