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Whenever most Linux OS tries to boot up, they loop on modprobe and/or when finding my USB Keyboard and Mouse(both Logitech).

Ubuntu 10.04 works perfectly(and Mandriva), but any higher than 10.04, or any other Linux OS won't even go into Live mode, or install. (On Linux Mint 12, boot-up gets terminated on signal 9, then it loops on my 2 USB devices.)

I've recently had Some, and Most luck with 12.04.

I tried a CD, and LiveUSB and get the same issue, while booting up into Live mode, and after Live mode is on(I know it is running because it responds to my keystrokes), I just get the "_" blinking in the top left corner. (Reason I know the ISO, CD, and USB are all good, I booted my Acer Netbook up with them.)

I've never had any of these issues until I got my new computer.

Is there an incompatibility with Unix going on here?

Board: Asus P8H61-M LE/CSM Processor: i5 2500 GPU: EVGA GTX 460

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Edit 1: I've asked on a bunch of different support forums, and getting no where. :/

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To see the boot log, press F2 during boot or remove the quiet and splash options from your grub menu entry, and maybe vt.handoff=7 from /etc/grub.d/10_linux. This page mentions a hang on Ubuntu 11 caused by that last option.

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