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I tried to update as described here: . But after updating all packages with muon-updater no upgrade available message pops up as described there. Check for updates is enabled in the systemsettings. Any ideas what could be wrong or how do I upgrade on the commandline?

I do not remember any errors when doing the muon update. And I get:

~> sudo do-release-upgrade
Auf neue Ubuntu-Freigabe prüfen
Keine neue Freigabe gefunden

(in german; means no update available)


~> cat /etc/lsb-release
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The Kubuntu-devel ( ) has a thread "12.04 LTS Released" ( ).

Alessandro Menti shares his experiences with the problem "No new release found":

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From the command line you can do sudo do-release-upgrade and it will move you from Oneric to Precise.

Does Muon give you any error messages about when you try to do the update?

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See extended question. – highsciguy Apr 30 '12 at 6:57

Had the same problem. Did a "sudo apt-get autoremove -f" and after uninstalling a bunch of i386 packages received the GUI notification to upgrade the distro.

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