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I got some problems to get display buttons to work.

I'm trying to assign functions (settings->keyboard->shortcuts) to the display buttons on my Lenovo X61 Tablet Notebook. The buttons are: - Change screen orientation - recognized as 'screensaver' - Toolbox - recognized as 'touchpad toggle' (same functions as with Fn-Key available?)

If I assign them to non-custom shortcuts - everything is all right, but when I do this with custom shortcuts, e.g. running a script, they behave as normal not assigned buttons(starting the screensaver or locking the touchpad).

Any ideas how to fix that?

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Maybe you could override metacity keybinding, like in this hint:

So instead of using custom shortcuts in (settings->keyboard->shortcuts) you would edit them via gconf-editor and add them as a custom commands in "apps\metacity\keybinding_commands"

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