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Since upgrading last week files do not upload to the cloud. I have tried various file managers and none of them make any difference. After selecting the file to 'add' nothing happens and in the Ubuntu file list the file date remains unchanged although in file manager it is modified.

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I'll just copy Robert Smith's answer on this question:

See this bug report on Launchpad. Basically, the problem is the following:

We are experiencing some network slowdowns because of the big demand for the 12.04 release, and measures are being explored to cope with it. It should go back to normal in the next few days.

As you can see, using u1sdtool --current-transfers in the terminal of any Ubuntu machine will allow you to verify that this indeed is the problem (particularly, low download speed and after a while, read bytes resets to zero).

Hopefully, it will get back to normal soon.

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