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Network manager does not work on my Lenovo ideapad S12 (Intel Atom) laptop. I had to replace Network manager to use a network. Will the 12.04 upgrade keep WiCd or will Network Manger now work?

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I had a similar problem when I was using 11.10 and here's how I fixed it.

If the issue is with connecting an USB modem then using Gnome PPP dialer will solve your problem.

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Unfortunately for me the icon appeared, it's just that Network Manager would not successfully connect to a network, while WiCd will. WiCd has it's own problems, like not taking care of /etc/resolv.conf so that has to be done manually. – keepitsimpleengineer Apr 28 '12 at 20:03
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This is what happened.

  • 12.04 kept WiCd
  • I replaced Wicd with Network Manager and
  • it worked (after a little jiggling)
  • Wicd settings were kept.

Good job for the update manager folks, here.

The systray Wifi icon didn't properly display until I opened >System Settings >Hardware >Network

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