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I just installed Ubuntu 12.04. I am having trouble setting up my nVidia settings. I have a monitor connected to the DVI port and a Sony TV connected to the HDMI. I am trying to set up the displays with the TV to the "right of" the monitor. This worked fine in Xubuntu 11.10. Now when I setup using separate X screens, write the Xorg.conf and reboot, my monitor works fine and TV has a gray screen with an X mouse cursor. Basically looks like the window manager has failed. If I setup using twinview it appears to work. However, Ubuntu's display settings only show my one very wide display (3520 x 1080) and calls it "laptop". When I try to run XBMC in full screen mode, it is stretched across both displays. This is driving me crazy! Please help!

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Are you using Unity (compiz) or Unity2D (metacity)? I'm having the same issue on compiz. nvidia-settings however gets it right. My displays have differing resolutions, it seems the same is the case for you? – kynan Jun 29 '12 at 12:36

With separate X displays you could try launching xbmc with the DISPLAY=:1 environment variable, e.g.:

brad0383@yourcomputer:$ DISPLAY=:1 xbmc --fullscreen

Please note the I don't use XBMC so the flag for fullscreen might be different but should be easily discovered in the man page.

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Thanks for the tip but the problem is that the windows manager crashes on the TV display. I have just a gray screen with an X mouse icon when using separate X displays. The strange thing is that Xubuntu 12.04 works fine with the same nvidia driver. – brad0383 May 15 '12 at 0:51

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