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I want to upgrade from ubuntu 10.04 to a higher version. My optical disk drive is not working neither my system is USB bootable. I do not want to install wubi in windows as my system is dual bootable, both OS intalled parallely and i want to keep it as it is. please suggest me the option to upgarde using internet. Lat time i upgraded from 9.10 through update manager but this time i can't find an option to do so. waitning for ur suggestions. thank u.

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  1. go to System - Preferences - update manager

  2. hit the check button

  3. choose upgrade to 12.04. It should appear above the updates.

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You don't need a cd or any external device to do an upgrading.

Just go to

System - Preferences - Update Manager

Make sure you have upgrading to a newer version on. You can chage it in the

upgrade manger options menu.

You should see this(more or less):

enter image description here

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