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I saw Ubuntu 12.04 yesterday and decided to install it.

First I went to the BIOS, then selected Security> I / O interface Security> New interface card and set it to locked. This is the only way I can get into Ubuntu.

Next I installed Ubuntu the usual way. It worked great(except for the login sound; I missed it).

Then I went booting into Windows 7. The Windows logo kept spinning as usual, then it stopped. Next my computer restarted itself and said that there is a "problem" with Windows so I have to run the Windows recovery partition to repair. Then it goes through a 1-hour long process and restarted again. I chose Windows from the GRUB menu and Windows booted.

The question is: What is the anonymous problem that happened to Windows? I am planning to re-install Ubuntu now (because I messed with the boot screen, now it's gone and shutting down takes forever) and I don't want to run into that problem again.

Any help will be appreciated.

Edit: Re installed Ubuntu and this time nothing happens.

Specs: ASUS F81Se, Windows 7 Dual-boot

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So now you landed safely, OK.Usually it is better to start windows instead of Ubuntu,immediately after the installation and allows windows to repair the partition.It works for me often. – beeju May 3 '12 at 4:22
Maybe it's because I disabled the acpi... – Emerson Hsieh May 13 '12 at 3:23

Did you change the size of your Windows partition during the first install? If you did, I suppose Windows did an in-depth check of it's partition when it realized it's size had changed. That would explain why the second install worked flawlessly - Windows didn't notice any changes and could boot normally.

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