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I had was upgrading my Ubuntu 11.10 to the new 12.04 and I had to force my computer off for it froze, thinking I had to start over the upgrade witch is fine with me, but apparently it some how finished upgrading, but now I can't log in.

There is a black, terminal like screen asking for an "Ubuntu Username" and "password", I keep putting my computer name and password in different way, wanting get on back to my art works I worked so hard on, but it keeps saying it's invalid. I don't want to restart my artworks I worked days on, I can't do anything twice, it's to stressful and I need my art bad, I get very lonely, irritated and superstitious, sort of my safe zone.

How can I get on the new Ubuntu with out losing my stuff? I'd really appreciate it very much.

(note my laptop don't use f# keys)

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you have a couple questions in there, so let's break this down one at a time:

  1. Try logging in again:

    Just to cover all your bases, have you checked to see if caps lock, etc. might be turned on when entering your password?

  2. Accessing your files:

    Boot from a LiveCD and select "Try Ubuntu" (don't install). You can "rescue" your files by mounting the disk, and copying them to an external harddrive or a usb key. Depending on the permissions of your home folder you may need to use sudo to copy things over. (e.g., open a terminal window and enter gksu nautilus to open a file browser with sudo privileges)

  3. Restoring/Reinstalling the system:

    Once you have all your files safely backed up you can try fixing the system (although, I'm not sure how in your case. You can try booting into a recovery shell as root, and change the user password see HERE). Or, with your files safe, you could just reinstall.

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