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Will Ubuntu 10.04/10.10 work on a Toshiba L640D? I mean, I am going to install it on Sunday, but just wanted to know before hand if I will encounter any problems (read ATi). I looked up the Ubuntu Certified Devices, but I did not find the model listed. Any users with the said configuration?


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I have a very similar configuration on my lenovo z560. the only difference is that it uses nvidia instead of ati. Ubuntu installed without a glitch. so i dont think there would be any problem. Of Course if you do run into one you can always ask here :D

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the ati is the biggest problem. even i run ubuntu on amd at home, but its a nvidia agp. so i have no idea/experience about ati. but, ill ask here anyway :) – theTuxRacer Nov 11 '10 at 12:53

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