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I am using an Dell Latitude D830 with Ubuntu 12.04. Now, when I turn off the pc, Ubuntu doesn't halt completely sometimes. I think that is due to the latest Nvidia drivers, because in the past with Ubuntu 10.10 I installed the latest drivers released by nvidia and I had the same problem. By now, "messages" file / var / log is always empty. My video card is: NVIDIA Corporation G86M [Quadro NVS 135M] PC will not turn off even with "halt -p".

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do you see any ACPI errors in /var/log/dmesg ? – Janus Troelsen Apr 27 '12 at 18:15
This is the only strange message: [2.591986] [Firmware Bug]: Duplicate ACPI video bus devices for the same VGA controller, please try module parameter "video.allow_duplicates=1"if the current driver doesn't work. (but it's at boot and the current driver work) – marste Apr 27 '12 at 19:23
...Same with me: Dell 830, shutdown hangs. I found ist was dropbox that prevented shutdown. When i stop dropbox before shutdown it's ok. For the clean Solution? no idea! greetings guges – user57438 Apr 27 '12 at 20:23
I actually removed dropbox and will now shut down properly.I also tried installing the latest available version, but without success. With which command you stop dropbox? – marste Apr 28 '12 at 7:03
Unfortunately is not dropbox causing the problem. Although I do not have Dropbox, sometimes, the problem is the same. – marste Apr 28 '12 at 10:10
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May be related to this bug seen on Dell m1330, though only seen if using a 32 bit install & nvidia drivers 295.XX -

Similar question here - Shutdown issues on my Dell XPS M1530

Possible solution other than going back to nouveau or downgrading to nvidia driver 290.20 - Dell Studio 1569 Cannot Shutdown in Ubuntu 11.10 or 12.04

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I think I solved it by edditing the reboot options in the grub file. How? just edit /etc/default/grub and search for the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" and add the ACPI option force, to become GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi=force" This did the work for me. Hope it helps you guys too.

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this worked on my pc. – JCasso Oct 9 '12 at 10:10

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