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I just installed 12.04 (fresh install) and realized I could no longer tether with my iPhone like how I did on 11.10 without any hassle. On 11.10 (to my amazement) all I had to do was turn on USB tethering option in MyWi and my system would automatically connect to the Internet via my phone. What has changed and how can I tether again?

BTW it is an iPhone 3G (jailbroken)

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To get iPhone USB tethering working again, just install the following packages:

  1. ipheth-utils.

  2. libimobiledevice-dev

  3. libimobiledevice-utils

You can install these packages through apt-get command or through the synaptic package manager sudo apt-get install synaptic

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On top of the steps listed by Mysterio, you may need to use the following command in a terminal window to get it working:

idevicepair unpair && idevicepair pair

Then unplug your phone and plug it back in. When you plug it back in a notification should pop up saying it has connected to a wired network. Make sure Personal Hotspot is enabled on your phone.

This works for me with a non-jailbroken iPhone running iOS 5.0 and no additional software on either my laptop or phone.

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