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My question is very specific. In the screenshot here of my GParted, you can see Fedora 16 installed on /dev/sda4 and Ubuntu (with the mount point "/") on /dev/sda6. Partition /dev/sda5 is taking up 48 GiB of space and there seems to be nothing on it but a lost+found folder. I want to remove this partition and expand both my Fedora and Ubuntu partitions to use the resulting unallocated space. This is a fresh install of both operatng systems and there is no data on the computer to lose. Is it safe to remove the /dev/sda5 partition and resize the other two using GParted from a live CD?

GParted Screenshot

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Since no one had an answer, I went ahead and tried it out. I was warned that moving and Resizing my boot partition my result in problems, but forged ahead anyway. I deleted the /dev/sda5 partition and resized both my Fedora and Ubuntu partitions, all using GParted on my Ubuntu 12.04 LiveCD, and everything went fine. I just figured I would close this out just in case anyone else has the same question I did.

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