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I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, and I cannot start it.

I tried twice. The first time, I used a CD I burned. (The CD works for my another computer, so it is OK.) After wubi did something in Windows, it rebooted. Then the screen was stuck where there is an ubuntu logo at the center and 5 dots below. I waited for more than half hour, it was still there and nothing happened.

The second time, I installed 11.10, then upgrade to 12.04 in a the newly install 11.10. BTW, the 11.10 did start. After upgrading, I rebooted the computer, it was stuck at the same place.

Any one can help me on this? The computer is AMD Phenom II X4 965 + ATI RADEON HD4870. Thanks a lot!

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Now I found that the problem is wireless card driver. After I remove my wireless PCI card, it works fine. Is there any way I can download and install the driver from commend line? – user57215 Apr 27 '12 at 13:40
What is your wireless PCI card? – user31389 Apr 29 '13 at 14:03

Okay, now this might not be the reason but worth a shot.

Firstly, is it possible that you have a Nvidia graphics card? If so, restart Ubuntu, then before the loading screen, hit the left Shift key, that should take you to a list of Ubuntu installs, select the top one and hit 'e'. You will get something that most likely (if your a beginner) makes no sense to you, use the right arrow until you see 'splash'...use backspace to remove splash and type in 'nomodeset' without quotes and boot (i think thats Cntrl+X), you probably can log in but everything is out of proportion, just install the NVidia drivers using System Settings > Additional Drivers. If that has installed, restart the machine and everything should be back to normal. This is what I had to do some versions ago with a NVidia graphics card, this might not work but it's worth a go

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Thank you very much for your suggestion! Do you have any similar trick for the wireless adapter card? – user57215 Apr 27 '12 at 13:44

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