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I just update to 12.04 from 11.10 and I get to the login screen w/o problems. When I enter my password the screen turns black and returns to the login screen half a second later.

There is a related question out there which was solved by creating more space on the disk but my disks (or rather partitions) are all below 30%.

I can log in as guest. I can also login at the cmd prompt (going to tty with Alt+Ctrl+F1) with my normal user credentials. When logged in as guest I can also install programs using my normal account password.

There is the normal authentication error when I mistype my password so I'm also sure the password works.

Any suggestions?

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Ok I actually figured this one out myself. The problem was that I had installed 12.04 from CD but retained the old home partition. When I created my new user (with the same name as the old one) I got the correct home directory but wrong UID and GID. When I changed it to the correct values everything worked again!

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