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Today I cloned my Ubuntu 11.10 into my old hdd, and installed 12.04 into my current hdd.

What I need now is to recover passwords for my VPN connections on the network manager that is in the old 11.10 cloned hdd, but I don't want to boot it.

I can read and write to that disk from the newly installed Ubuntu 12.04, so where should I look for those passwords?

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This might not be correct, but I'm at work and don't have my own systems to look it up on. Try this directory /home/userdir/.gconf/system/networking/connections If not, then it might just be in /home/userdir/.conf/system/networking/connections. I think it's something along the line of nm-settings.conf or just nm.conf. Good luck!!

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I have neither ~/.gconf/system/networking nor ~/.conf directories. I believe Network Manager stores passwords in gnome-keyring by default. – Peter V. Mørch Apr 10 '14 at 7:08

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