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I've accidentally added 'itterative' to Kile's dictionary (right click on the wrong button). Now I'd like to remove 'itterative' from the list of correct words but I can't locate the dictionary anymore (the old link in settings->configure kile ) does not link to where it used to...

Thanks in advance,

PS: I use Kile as out of the special settings no-nothing


To adress Oli's answer below. Kcontrol is not in the 10.10 reps (apparently) downloading the .tar.gz version of kcontrol and install it, by typping:

cd ~/Documents/khepera
SUBDIRS="libtns_util libxfgc libkhepera kcontrol"

for i in $SUBDIRS ; do make -C $i install; done
for i in $SUBDIRS; do make -C $i clean; done
for i in $SUBDIRS; do make -C $i tgz; done

creates load-full of errors. I guess they could be solved, but it seems of an overkill just to locate Kile's dictionary. Any other ideas?

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Maybe worth to try the file ~/.config/enchant/en_GB.dic. I believe that this would be the standard place for Kile to put your personal additions to the dictionary (of course replace en_GB with your relevant language/country code). It's a simple text-file, so just delete the line that contains the wrong word.

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kile stores its local dictionary in /home/roger/.config/enchant/.dic for me - as Oli says it depends on what spell checker is in use.

If you're still stuck after that, you could try searching for files in your home directory with 'dict' in the name or ending in .dic

One way to do this would be with the find command at a terminal, e.g.

find . -iname '*.dic'

This will search the current directory (.) and all its subdirectories for a file ending in .dic (or .Dic : -iname is case insensitive)

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thanks! that solved the problem :) – user2413 Nov 25 '10 at 17:08

Depends on which spellchecker you use with Kile. AFAIK, it's very modular in this respect.

To edit it (or see what it's set to) you need kcontrol. Install it if you don't have it. Run it and then navigate to KDE Components -> Spell Checker and see what the setting is.

I think the default is ASpell (might have changed) and you can edit its dictionary by running:

nano `aspell config personal-path`
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> i couldn't find kcontrol in the 10.10 reps. i tried to install it from the tar.gz but it's a mess (see edited question). there is nothing in nano aspell config personal-path....:(( – user2413 Nov 11 '10 at 9:19
Old information sorry, try systemsettings instead. Are you in KDE? You shouldn't need to install it if you are but it might also not work if you're not. – Oli Nov 11 '10 at 11:48
Hmm I've just read that you might actually need a full KDE environment just to set the spellchecker settings. I can barely describe how poorly designed that is if that's the case. – Oli Nov 11 '10 at 11:50
note that i don't want to set the spellchecker settings. I just want to locate where the words are delete "itteration" – user2413 Nov 11 '10 at 18:07
@kwak I understand that but half the problem is finding which spell-checking application it uses. – Oli Nov 11 '10 at 18:40

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