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11.10 to 12.04 Upgrade: My natural inclination is to go for the command line update method using:


Any advantage or disadvantage to using the command line vs the graphical update process using update manager? Ubuntu's website recommends using update manager but I suspect this may be due to many user's aversion to using the command line.

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I think suggesting command line method for upgrading to normal users will make a negative impact ' – Tachyons Apr 26 '12 at 16:48
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They both run the same commands under the hood, so you will end up with the same upgrade either way.

The main advantage of the command-line method is that it makes it easier to see any errors/warnings that might occur, so power-users can quickly fix them. The downside of that is that the specific errors are often confusing/scary, and the GUI method does a much better job of explaining things and how to fix them. The GUI method should be recommended for most people, especially new users.

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I don't think so, both should do the same thing. only thing is graphical method is more suitable for people who are new or don't play with CLI much.

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