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I'm using LaTeXila as tex environment and whenever I open a tex file, I have to switch the dictionary for spell checking purposes to en_GB (default dictionary in LaTeXila is de_DE and I'm using the german language on my ubuntu system). Unfortunately, I didn't find a possibility in LaTeXila to change the standard dictionary. I guess that LaTeXila is looking for the default dictionary of the user. Is there a possibility to set the default dictionary to en_GB?

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It's been awhile this question was asked but I though the answer would help others.

If you need to change the dictionary simply enable spell check ( Edit -> Spell Check ) and right click your document. There's Language selection in context menu which allows you to change current dictionary. This works in version 2.4.0.

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While you can get some really good answers about LaTex here at AU, your question is application specific. Try asking the same question here at the TEX Q&A . You may get lucky

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