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When I type something into the Unity search box, I have to press the down arrow twice to get to the results area. Where does the first press take the focus, and is there a way to change the config so that only one press of the arrow key is required to get to the results?

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The first press focuses on the title. It's something weird because you can't do anything with the title of the part the files are visible. Tip: you can press ENTER if you want to choose the first item, the search found.

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It's not just something weird. If you search for something that shows up in multiple lenses and you want to get to say, the third lens, it's down-tab-tab-down instead of down-down-down-down-down-down(and that number of downs assumes they're all single row lense views) – RobotHumans Apr 26 '12 at 0:28

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