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I'm desperately trying to get my Thunderbird/Ubuntu One contacts to sync. A little back story: I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10. I've been using Evolution for my mail and contact for a very long time. Recently (last couple of days) I've been having more and more problems with Evolution not opening, emails not sending/receiving, etc. I decided today when Evolution wouldn't open at all to switch everything to Thunderbird. I uninstalled Evolution as I am low on disc space. Now when I try to set up thunderbird to use the contact in my Ubuntu One account, I receive the error message that the Thunderbird-CouchDB plugin could not be installed. Nothing further. Thunderbird version is 11.0.1. Any thoughts?

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Seems quite similar to this bug report, althought I thought it was fixed:

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I managed to get the Thunderbird-Couchdb component installed. Please don't ask me what I did, because I'm pretty sure sacrificing a chicken was involved. Anyway, I can now drag the contacts I've created in Thunderbird into the Ubuntu One address book. Those newly created addresses though are no longer syncing to Ubuntu One though. When I sign online my Contacts show 0 instead of the 120 that should be in there. I have those contacts in my personal address book, so I haven't lost them, they just aren't being backed up. – Matthew Apr 26 '12 at 12:07

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