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I have dual graphics card (one that of sandy bridge processor intel hd3000 and another one is of ati hd 6470M). I have done since ubuntu 11.04. Every time I install propitiatory catalyst driver I even fail to get basic functionality like ubuntu 3D and so on.

Just after fresh ubuntu installation the fan of ati card goes wild, so to shutdown ati driver I modprobe to make it off and enable only the integrated graphics card (intel hd3000). Intel hd3000 has come a long way since its bad introduction on Linux at the start of sandy bridge release. It is quite functional and the mesa drivers are good enough, but I would love to use the ATI one, because then I would be able to install catalyst driver and use it to run high graphics demanding programs.

Every time I write this in /etc/rc.local to shutdown ati card

modprobe radeon echo OFF > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch

I tried different ways to shutdown intel hd300 one but have not been able to do so, till now.

Is there a solution to this problem ? Has anyone been able to solve this any way? How do people get catalyst driver properly install on a dual card computer like mine?

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