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I have several bootable hard drives in one PC.

Hard drive 1 has 2 partitions, both bootable, I want one partition instead Hard drive 2 is bootable I want access it as a normal slave/data hard disk and have boot sector removed.

Disk Info looks like this:

finn@finn-desktop:~$ di
Filesystem         Mount               Size     Used    Avail %Used  fs Type 
/dev/sda1          /                 913,0G   384,8G   481,8G   47%  ext4    
udev               /dev                2,0G     0,0G     2,0G    0%  devtmpfs
/dev/sdb1          /media/5e66f3fc   892,6G   178,5G   668,7G   25%  ext4    
/dev/sdb6          /media/88517f79    22,3G     9,1G    12,1G   46%  ext4    
/dev/sdc1          /media/a1ee36ce   455,5G     0,9G   431,4G    5%  ext4    
tmpfs              /run              801,6M     0,8M   800,8M    0%  tmpfs 
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Thx a lot. I have formatted the disk using Gparted, now I have no acces to the drive I can "see" it but not copy to it, do I need to "automount" it ? – user56560 Apr 25 '12 at 11:59

Well I never actually encountered such a problem but from my experience I'd just format the partition that I want to be used as data disc.

contact me when you do that. I might have more info

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