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I have installed Vuze on Ubuntu 11.04.Everything is working fine.But when I close Vuze and try to reopen it, it won't open. If I restart the system and try opening Vuze it would open normally. So can someone tell me what is the problem here and how to solve this?

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I'm facing the same problem with Vuze in Ubuntu 12.04. Is there anyone who can help in this regard? –  tuxtu Sep 13 '12 at 3:14
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I got a work around... Just open a .vuze file and it shows up. Looks like its been running the entire time... I'm new to Ubuntu so I don't know the terminal commands all that well. Hope this works for you.

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@ karthik Venkatesan, Please make your answer more clear. Thanks. –  tuxtu Sep 10 '12 at 18:20
do you mean a ".torrent" file? –  Mina Michael Jan 14 at 0:01
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Mostly it's a bug! And it's still not fixed until this day. I have vuze on Ubuntu 13.10 and I have your problem! Anyways I have a solution for you.

Try closing it not from the x button but from the "close" button in the "file" menu up to the left then try reopening it. It should open normally and it even won't display the message at the bottom right corner that says that "vuze wasn't shut down correctly". I hope this helps

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