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I installed a game, and then decided to erase it. I sent it to the recycle bin, but I was unable to delete it completely (Permission denied). When I moved it back to the desktop, a copy remained in the recycle. I sent it back to the bin, and back to the desktop; so I ended with 2 copies of the file in the bin, and one on the desktop. Finally I noticed that a file inside the game was protected. I changed the permission settings to the desktop copy and I was able to erase it completely, but I was not able to change the permission settings on the 2 copies I still have in the bin (the backend do not support the operation)

I just want to empty the recycle bin!

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The following command will empty the trash

sudo rm -rv .local/share/Trash/

And when you don't want any prompts with 'Do you want to delete write protected file x?' add the -f option.

sudo rm -rvf .local/share/Trash/
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thank you sooooo much! – fusq Apr 23 '12 at 21:59
Can you set set my answer as 'Accepted answer'?… – OrangeTux Apr 24 '12 at 9:19

A solution is to first change permissions in the Trash folder
(and then to empty it in the usual way:)

cd ~/.local/share/Trash sudo chown -R your_user_name:your_group *

(And then empty it the usual way)

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