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I want to cp a file to another directory but that directory doesn't exist yet.

So I would do:

mkdir /new_place
cp the_file /new_place

Can I do this in one?
I imagine something like cp the_file -m /new_place if "m" stood for "make dir's that don't exist"

Would this be a chance to use scp, rsync or another copying utility?

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With --parents you can recreate the directories from the source to the destination. For example:

cp --parents ~/Downloads/test.txt ~/Desktop/

Will create the subdirectories /home/desgua/Download/ inside my ~/Desktop folder and then copy test.txt.

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You can do this with the following command

# rsync --recursive the_file /path/to/your/dir/that/doesn't/exists

cp doesn't have an option which can do this trick.

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