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We've got mobile broadband from Proximus, but the software provided with it is for Windows and Mac only.

If I simply plug it in in an Ubuntu laptop, it brings up a wizard which helps you setting everything up. The mobile broadband provider is listed there. Only when I try to connect, it doesn't work. It just keeps trying to connect for a few minutes, but eventually fails.

I've tried entering the PIN and changing the DNS servers, but to no effect. What else can I try?

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Ask your provider for the right details of the following items:

  1. APN Access Point Name
  2. Calling number
  3. Username
  4. Password

And then correct your settings and try to connect. If it fails you can open terminal and type tail -f /var/log/syslog/. This shows you the output of dmesg but in real time. There you should see an informative error message and this you can paste to or pastebin it. So we can look for a solution.

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The ISP made a screwup. Apparently the SIM card hadn't been activated yet. – RobinJ Jun 16 '12 at 18:48

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