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I want to enable visual effects on my laptop with this specifications: Ubuntu 11.10 Lenovo S100 CPU: Intel Atom CPU N570 @ 1.66 GHz x 4 Graphics: Unknown? OS Type: 32 bit Disk: 312.9 GB How can I do that safely?

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Are there any drivers shown in the additional drivers tool? – Prasad RD Apr 23 '12 at 9:50

Are you using Unity 3D edition? If yes, you already got viusal effects activated (like a good looking alt-tab windows). You can play with these effects by using CompizConfig SettingsManager (from Software Center). But be carefull. It's easy to break your settings and thus leaving you with a non working environment)

If you're usind Unity 2D edition you have to select the 3D edition on the login screen.

Good luck.

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