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When the trackpad stops responding, this leaves me unable to do anything, including shutting down. Is there a fix?

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There are many reasons your trackpad might not work. can you give more details, such as what you were doing when it stops and how often this seems to happen? Please also state the version of Ubuntu and MacBook Air you are using. – Chan-Ho Suh May 18 '12 at 6:54
This question should instead be filed as a bug report, and as such is off-topic, thanks! Instructions on filing a bug report are here. – fossfreedom May 21 '12 at 22:03

Known problem, after updating and rebooting the problem usually gets fixed. Here are instructions on how to do all that using the keyboard.

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+T. This should bring up a terminal.
  2. sudo apt-get update
  3. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  4. sudo reboot
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sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Section "InputClass"
    Identifier      "Apple Magic Trackpad"
    MatchIsTouchpad "on"
    MatchUSBID      "05ac:030e"
    Driver          "synaptics"
    Option          "VertScrollDelta"  "50"
    Option          "HorizScrollDelta" "50"
    Option          "MinSpeed"         "0.6"
    Option          "MaxSpeed"         "1.3"
    Option          "AccelFactor"      "0.08"
    # these two options are for multiple monitors 3:1 ratio.
    Option          "VertResolution"   "1"
    Option          "HorizResolution"  "3"
    Option          "SHMConfig"        "True"

/etc/init.d/lightdm restart

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